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About us


ABC means - Amazing Beautuful Choice!

Your Absolutely Best Choice! 



Choice is very important to us,

We realize that you have to be certain when choosing 

where to go for the surgery. 

Therefore our aim is to give you a service second to none.  

Consider your trip as a short break 

Be good to yourself 

 You know you deserve it !



We are waiting with a complimentary bespoke service regarding your arrival, accommodation, taxis and departure.

With many years of experience we are able to select for you the best Surgeons that Europe can offer, operating in the best state-of-the-art centres. Some have studied in the UK to further their expertise.

ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe is a complimentary service that co-operates with well-known and recognized specialists in all aspects of surgery. Most of our clients require Plastic, or Cosmetic help, (veins, thread, varicose, breast enlargement, face lift, etc\').

More and more are coming to us for Cosmetic, Orthopaedic, and Gynecology help.

Come, make some memories and feel refreshed at the end.

Consider your trip as a short brake. In doing so you can see another country and our beautiful City of Wroclaw arguably the most beautiful city in Poland. Other beautiful Towns are only a short distance away.

Meet the local friendly people, see and feel the different culture.

With the European location in almost central Poland it allows us to cut the cost of your surgery to make it affordable. You know how expensive private surgery is in the UK.

ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe will give you value for your hard earned money.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Surgery Abroad in Wroclaw

Consequently, considerable savings can be made even allowing for flight (cheap and quick), & hotel costs, with no compromise on quality. Contact me now to know more about Plastic and Cosmetic Clinic and Mediconcept Clinic.

We will answer all your queries without hesitation.

And lead you through the tangled world of plastic and cosmetic surgery abroad.


*Breast Enlargement (Augmentation) | Breast Uplift (mastopexy) | Eyelid Lift surgery (blepharoplasty) | Rhinoplasty (nose Job) | Ear setback (otoplasty- ears corrections) | Ears pinning | Face Lift (face Rejuvenation) | Breast Reduction | Mastopexy (breast uplift) | Tummy Tuck | abdominoplasty | Ginecomasty | gynecomastia treatment | male breast reduction | Body contouring | liposuction | Professional Beauty Center| Varicose Veins and Broken Vessels Removal | Orthopaedic surgery | breast enlargement | breast male reduction | face rejuvenation | breast enlargement | breast augmentation | breast uplift | mastopexy | eyelid lift surgery | blepharoplasty | rhinoplasty | jewellery | teeth whitening | tartar removing | dental deposit removing | sandblasting | light-hardened filling | porcelain veneers | implants | nose job | ear setback | otoplasty | ears corrections | ears pinning | face lift | face rejuvenation | breast reduction | mastopexy | breast uplift |tummy tuck | abdominoplasty | ginecomasty | gynecomastia treatment | male breast reduction | body contouring | liposuction | beauty center | varicose veins and broken vessels removal | The larger (major) outside pair of labia (lips) of the vulva (the female external genitalia) | hymen repair | orthopaedic surgery | varicose veins | knees liposuction | hips liposuction | shoulders liposuction | upper eyelid correction | lower eyelid correction | face rejuvenation | laser liposuction, laser treatment | botox | fillers | vagina rejuvenation | labioplasty | labiaplasty | labiasurgery | vaginoplasty | vagina tightening | hymenoplasty| hymen repair | virginity restoring | virginity restoring | vagina rejuvenation | vulvoplasty | boob job | cheap cosmetic surgery | surgery abroad | Cosmetic Surgery Abroad | Plastic Surgery Abroad | breast enlargement | breast augmentation | breast uplift | mastopexy | eyelid lift surgery | blepharoplasty | rhinoplasty | Tummy Tuck | abroad labiaplasty | labiasurgery | vaginoplasty | vagina tightening | hymenoplasty | hymen | abroad hymen rejuvenation | hymenorrhaphy | labia minora | labia majora |

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