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The surgery was very successful and although a little discomfort after surgery and for a few weeks after, the healing process was very quick and I was fully recovered and back to normal activities within 6 weeks.  The care I received through yourself the Dr Mydlowski and the nurses at the Mediconcept Clinic was first class and I would not hesitate to travel to Poland and use your services again should I wish to have any surgery in the future.

Kindest regards


Very positive and pleased with the response. 



 I have literally just got back from Poland today after having a breast reduction (ginecomasty) at ABC surgery. I have nothing but good things to say about them, staff and the clinic. Everything went perfectly well and everyone was very helpful. Just a quick run down of my trip.

I arrange everything with Magdalena Herman - she arranged my flights, booking and accommodation in Wroclaw. I arrived at 1030pm on Tuesday and was picked up by the taxi driver Chris, real nice bloke took me to Solo Plus Hotel - hotel was cheap and cheerful. My surgery was on Wednesday and i hadnt had my blood checked so Magdalena took me to the 24hr hospital at 1130pm to get my blood work done and said results would be at the surgery next day. 

The next day Chris picked me up at 845 from hotel and took me to clinic (only 10 minute walk to be fair). Once in the clinic they had my test results which were all fine. There were about 5 of us in the waiting area andthe surgeon came and introduced himself and did individual consultations. Luckily i was first. Had consultation, decided to go ahead with procedure so i went and paid and went to my own private room to prepare. About 30mins later the anesthetist came in and asked me a few questions. 15 mins later the surgeon came in and drew on me where he was going to cut etc etc and i went to surgery. I laid on the bed and was told to relax... the next thing i know im waking up and everything is done.

I stayed the rest of the day/night in the clinic. Nurses were coming in every 30mins changing dressing, giving pain killer, water, food etc. Couldnt have been more helpful. The next morning the surgeon came in to check everything was ok - it was all fine. really pleased with the outcome and then i was released back to the hotel.

The next day (friday ie today) i went to the clinic at 9 to change my banages one last time. Then Chris drove me to the airport and now im home.

I understand all the thoughts that go through peoples heads when thinking about doing these procedures abroad. It only natural to be apprehensive about it all. I certainly was before I went but now im so pleased i that i went. Like i said earlier they couldn\'t have been more helpful from the moment i landed to when i left.. The clinic is very modern and very clean and everything looks the part.

One other thing to add, i took my laptop as i had some work to do but i didn\'t have a polish to english plg adapter. I rang Magdalena to see if she had one and 30mins later there she was with the plug. Like i said they do everything possible to make your stay a good one.

Thats just the breakdown of my trip. I know before i went i was researching and was hoping to find something like this so hope it helps everyone else who is thinking of going over.

Good Luck

Our minds were put at rest as soon as we saw the pristine, modern clinic. Very good communications with the co-ordinator from the start. Consultation with surgeon was excellent. We did check him out on a UK website before we went ahead. All very professional, accessible, very well organised service from initial contact. All our needs met, surgery successful, very happy with aftercare. Have been back again & would certainly recommend.

Tummy Tuck

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