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ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe  - FAQ


Why to choose ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe - Surgery Abroad?

Cosmetic surgery is now booming throughout Europe like never before. Our highly experienced specialized staff offers wide range of medical services within the area of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. The location of our clinic in Poland (Europe, Wroclaw)allows us to be up to 75% cheaper than UK\'s surgeries. It means you can save thousand of pounds even after travel and hotel costs. We offer You professional care, friendly atmosphere and high services standard, you can be sure, you shall be entirely satisfied both before and after the surgery.

 Contact With an agent

If you decided to contact with the agent its mean that you are intrested in having Plastic Surgery in Poland. Agent is a person who will help you to take this decision and guid you during your preperation to the surgery and during your visit in Poland (Wroclaw). Agent is a person who will solve all your problems connected with travel, flight and stay in Poland. Agent (receptionist) does not have medical qualifications and is not responsible for any medical matters. All answers given by agent are first consult with a plastic surgeon Adam Kalecinski.

Your Flight / at the airport

To book flight please choose one of the following link :



The location of our private clinic centre in Poland allows us to be up to 75% cheaper than UK’s surgeries. It means you can save thousand of pounds even after travel and hotelcosts. 

At the polish airport you will be picked up by a taxi driver, who will transit you to the hotel or indirectly to the clinic depending on your individual needs.The first transit is included in the cost of the surgery. The whole cost of your stay in the clinic is always individually  discussed   during a preliminary telephone or mailconversation with our consultant.Taxis are commonly available in Poland. Moreover,  there is an urban transport opposite the clinic, which is directly connected with the city.Depending on the client’s needs all kinds of tickets can be bought. 


Most of our patients pay in cash in British pounds. We don’t accept Scottish and Irish pounds. It is not a discrimination. There is a problem to exchange these currencies in Poland. You can also do the money transfer into the clinic account. But in this situation the money must be entered in the books before the surgery.

If the client does not have a limit on the credit card he can take the money from the account in Poland, but in order to do so it is necessary to come to Poland the day before the surgery. Remember also that You will take out Polish money in the bank so You have to be aware  that the currency is different every day.It must be done from Monday till Friday because polish banks are open these days.

Before and After Surgery

Before the surgery please do not drink and eat at least 6hours before planeed operation. Continue taking all your medication as usual up to and including the day of surgery unless you have been specifically instructed not to do so. Please bring all your medications to the clinic in their originally labeled containers.Blood test are obligatory. You can do them in our Clinic or in your country. if you decide to do blood test in Poland you will be charged extra 20pounds.

After the surgery you will wake up in the operating room, but you will probably not remember. Then you will be moved into the Recovery Room where the nurse will continue to try to wake you up. Your vital signs will be checked frequently. If you need oxygen, you will have a mask or tubing on your face. If You had surgery done under full anaesthesia You will stay over night in the clinic. If You had surgery done under local anaesthesia You are allowed to go to the hotel after few hours after procedure.

How long do i have to stay in Poland after plastic surgery?

After the surgery you will have to stay from 1 to 6 days.


*breast enlargement - 2 days

*breast reduction - from 4 to 5 days

*breast uplift - 2 days

*breast uplift and enlargement - from 2 to 3 days

*male breast reduction ginecomasty - 2 days

*liposuction (hips, thighs, abdomen, flanks...) - 2 days

*face lift - from 2 to 3 days

*eyelid surgery - 1 day

*Nose Job-Rhinoplasty - 5 days

*Ears – Otoplasty - 2 days

*Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty - From 5 to 6 days

*Tummy Tuck with Liposuction - From 5 to 6 days

*Hips Liposuction - From 2 to 3 days

*Tights Liposuction - From 2 to 3 days

*Knees Liposuction - 2 days

*Abdomen Liposuction - 2 days

*Chin liposuction - 1 day

*Arm lift - 2 days

*Arm Lift with Liposuction - 2 days

*Thigh lift - 2 days

*Botox /Fillers - No need to stay over night

*Labia Reduction - 2 days

*Vagina Tightening - 2 days


The surgical operation is not a cosmetic operation requiring a small amount of people. Plastic surgery is connected the involvement of numerous medical staff, which will be monitoring our situation during an operation. That is why we ask you for a well-thought-out decision in this sphere. Each operation can be cancelled. The only thing you should do is to inform our consultant, who will not take an additional fee for the cancellation. Consultants do not take prepayments for the surgery. The financial matters are dispatched by the doctor and his workers in Poland.

ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe aim is to give you a service second to none. Do not hesitate to contact with me if you have any other question.



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