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ABC means -

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 Just two hours flying time to the choice of your dreams!

Medical Tourism in Poland.

ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe is a complimentary service working in conjunction with a unique      co-operative system of well-known and recognized specialists in all aspects of surgery encompassing Plastic, Cosmetic, Orthopaedic, Gyneocology and Dentistry  All procedures are carried out in a state-of-the-art environment within ultra modern Clinics in Wroclaw.  Whilst most of our clients over the years have had Plastic and/or Cosmetic Surgery an increasingly amount of people in recent times have used our Orthopaedic, Gyneocology and Dentistry services.    

Savings and value for money 

The unique co-operative system allows the Clinics to be so cost effective it enables them to pass the savings on to you and be almost 40% lower in cost to those in Western countries, even with travel and hotel costs. Consequently, considerable savings can be made even allowing for flight (cheap and quick), & hotel costs, with no compromise on quality. Contact me now for more information. I will answer all your queries without hesitation and with my many years of experience lead you through the tangled world of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery abroad. The Clinics are fortunate to have a large populace of good English speaking doctors, guides and medical staff.

The initial price guide for our most popular procedures


Breast Enlargement, £2750,  Breast Reduction (Female £2700), (Male £1500),  Breast Uplift £2100. Tummy Tuck £2100, £2500 with Liposuction,  Abdomen  Liposuction £1200,  Arm Lift £1320,  £1700 with Liposuction.  Thighs Lift £1620,  Thighs Liposuction £1200,  Hips Liposuction £850, Knees Liposuction £840,  Chin Liposuction £400... 


Face Lift-Rejuvenation £2100,  Face Lift with Eyes £3400,  Lower face Lift (mini face lift) £1600, Eye Lid Lift surgery £840 (one eye), £1400 (two eyes),  Forehead Lift £1600,  Ears Pinning £900,  Nose Job £1680...  

Gynecological Procedures: 

Virginity Restoring £2200,  Virgina Tightening £1200,  Labia Reduction labia minora and majora, £1000,  Vulvoplasty £1000...

Laser Liposuction:

Laser Liposuction-Smart Lipo POA*,Varicose vein and Spider removal POA* *POA Price on application.


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