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Mediconcept Clinic

ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe is a free service that co-operates with well-known and recognized specialists in all aspects of surgery. With its European location in almost central Poland allows us to cut the cost of your surgery to make it affordable and cheap.

Make Mediconcept Clinic your best choice!!!

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MEDICONCEPT CLINIC has been operating since 2002.It provides comprehensive, friendly gynaecological care by an experienced courteous multi disciplinary team alongside some of the best specialists in Poland.

Mediconcept Clinic is providing gynecological care abroad within a friendly and comfortable environment.

It is fully equipped in the state-of-the-art clinic boasting an operating theatre second to none with diagnostic equipment of the highest specifications being used by more than 20 highly qualified specialists from various scientific fields.

The Gynaecological surgery is our flagship department and is our strongest side where we offer:

Virginity restoring, labia reduction, vagina tightening, clitoral hood removal, vulvoplasty, labia minora, labia majora, removal of fibroids, polyps, cysts and many more...

Virginity Restoring  £1500
Labia Reduction  £1000 
Vagina Tightening  £1200
Clitoral Hood Remowal  £1000
Vulvoplasty  £1200




Dr Wiktor Jarosz and Dr Robert Mydlowski are highly qualified and enjoy an enviable reputation amongst their peers with their long standing practice.  



Both are exceptional surgeons in their field of Obstetrics & Surgical Gynaecology having qualified at second level (the highest level in Poland and the whole of Europe). They enjoy an enviable reputation in Poland supported by a team of anaesthetists all of whom are fully qualified and experienced.

The very fact you are considering surgery in Europe means that you yourself know you can get a better deal abroad and therefore save a lot of money even with travel and hotel costs added.

The Clinics offer you professional care, friendly atmosphere and high service standards, you can be sure, you will be entirely satisfied both before and after the surgery.

Here at the Mediconcept Clinic they are very conscious of the fact that health and a full active life is essential to all people in a free and democratic world.


  • All of us should strive to make the best possible use of all this beautiful world can offer us.

Personal and Family happiness, the joy of learning and travel and for many, professional fulfilment, is within the grasp of every one of us.

In many cases lack of strengths such as, low self esteem, no ambition and little confidence can make achievement seem impossible.

As far as the surgical profession is concerned we at Mediconcept are here to offer help for you to overcome your inhibitions and allow you to live life to the full.

Those that think deep enough will realise that relatively, in the context of time we have a very short life. So, why not make the very best of what you have, whilst you have it.


Go make your life better,

Go to Wroclaw,

and do go to Magdalena Herman at;

ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe



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