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Labia Reduction - Labioplasty

\"\"Labiaplasty, also known as labia reduction, vaginal lip reduction, or labia rejuvenation, is a procedure to decrease the size and improve the appearance of enlarged, hypertrophic or assymetrical labia. The labial reduction can be performed upon a patient under local anaesthesia, conscious sedation, or general anaesthesia, either as a discrete, single surgery, or in conjunction with a gynecologic surgery procedure, or with a cosmetic surgery procedure. Labioplasty is a simple operation to cut the excess skin of the vulva by cutting straight or zigzag. Sewing is done neatly and this will disappear within a week. Labioplasty can be done as a day procedure with satisfactory results. Labia Rejuvenation takes around an hour to complete and is usually performed under a general anaesthetic or a local with sedation. You will have to stay overnight in the Mediconcept Clinic under care of a doctor and a nurse. In Mediconcept Clinic in European city Wroclaw  we use dissolvable stitches in cosmetic surgery so you will not have to return to the clinic for their removal. 

The enlarged labia may cause some women to experience discomfort with pinching or pulling during certain activities, or with some clothing. Sometimes childbirth may cause the labia to become stretched and enlarged, and reconstruction after childbirth may become necessary. Labiaplasty can reduce this discomfort and enlargement with a simple cosmetic procedure to create a smaller, thinner, more comfortable, size and shape. 

Why do you need Labioplasty?

A)   to alleviate discomfort caused by large and/or thick labia

B)   to boost self-confidence and self-esteem, to improve sex life

C)   to enhance or improve appearance of “butterfly” or asymmetrical labia

The labia reduction surgery is performed in our state of the art Mediconcept Clinic in Wroclaw (wroclove), and usually takes about one hour under general anaesthesia or sedation. Small incisions are made to remove any excess tissue or to even out the edges of the labia. Sutures will be placed where the incisions were made and these sutures should dissolve within a few weeks. 

Labiaplasty can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries. Most women who opt for labiaplasty also choose Clitoral Hood Reduction, Vaginal Tightening, Vulvoplasty or Hymenoplasty (virginity restoring).

After Labia Reduction Surgery !

A)   you are able to return back to work within a few days - usually 3-4 days

B)   you will have minimal or no bruising, can shower the next day

C)   you can have intercourse within 3-4 weeks, no stitches to remove

Elongated labia can cause embarrassment with sexual partners & cause pain or discomfort.

 It is your body. 

Nobody can choose what is right for you, only you!

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